Tuesday, March 30, 2010

springer wanted

must be stock length OEM don't care if it's got a 7/8 stem . will trade dc-choppers@hotmail.com

Crazy Franks project

here's a project I started fuckin with the other day, been sitting for years but still nice and solid, Nez from Phase3 started building this years ago, needs to be on the road if you ask me, will post more pictures the further it gets

SU Carb ready to go

Nice SU ready to run with an elbow, if you need it email me dc-choppers@hotmail.com $225

SU Carb for sale

needs rebuild as pictured, dc-choppers@hotmail.com $50

hub for sale

40 spoke hub for shovelhead with bearings if you need email me dc-choppers@hotmail.com

p pad for sale

for sale if you need email me dc-choppers@hotmail.com $25

XLH XLCH Sportster seat for sale

for sale 2 up early sportster 2 up seat if you need it dc-choppers@hotmail.com $65
I scored this sissy bar this weekend at Long Beach, I gave it to Candice

knucklehead top end oil line for sale

needs to be brazed at the bottom joint, other than that good useable shape email me if you need dc-choppers@hotmail.com

knucklehead rockerarms and shafts for sale

as pictured 2 good rockerarms front exhaust and front intake and shafts good useable shape OEM email me at dc-choppers@hotmail.com $100 each rocker arm and $30 a shaft

Knucklehead lower tins for sale

a good set of lower tins 1 small crack needs fixing easy fix I can fix it if needed, email me at dc-choppers@hotmail.com $300

knucklehead lifter blocks

here I have a very nice set of lifter blocks up for grabs email me if you need them dc-choppers@hotmail.com $300

ready for bead blasting

Monday, March 29, 2010

a 49 pan shovel I'm building right now mostly everything done just needs assembly

bolt on hardtail for sportsters 1952-1978 email me dc-choppers@hotmail.com $100

a complete 1964-1972 XLH XLCH early FX front wheel email me at dc-choppers@hotmail.com $200

set of OEM knucklehead cylinders 1 is .060 74inch and the other is a 61ci .060 74, can be used as a set with a stroker plate. will work well low compression no broken fins email me dc-choppers@hotmail.com


panhead compensator as pictured not complete email me if you need it dc-choppers@hotmail.com $40

I will be listing parts for sale on here so keep checking